About Us

The Company

Skye is a Software company that was founded in 2014 with a goal of developing cutting edge solutions to small and medium enterprises. We have offered solutions to a wide range of clientele ranging from start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises, NGOs and Government agencies. We offer solutions in many areas including, website design and development, Bespoke systems design and development, Algorithms, Mobile applications (IOS and Android) and USSD.


Our History

June 2014

The Begining

Let’s take it back to June 2014, when our Founder and CEO, Brian Kiprono come up with an idea of setting up a software company. The idea was to develop a local mobile search company that would allow local businesses to be easily searched and discovered. Brian in the same year, presented his idea to his high school school friend and a tech enthusiast, Brian Irungu,who thought it was brilliant.

November 2015

Office Location

In the month of November, we had made enough savings to allow us move to our own offices. Brian(Founder) had been doing other businesses such as reselling spare parts to generate revenue to sustain the company , while Brian Irungu was upskilling the team. This was the biggest move we made. We moved into our own office at Odyssey plaza. We were joined by a brilliant developer by the Name Dennis Mwangangi who played a big role in stabilizing the company. Dennis had his own start-up but agreed to help us get our affairs in order for about four months before moving back to build his own startup.

January 2016-2017

Our Growth

Over the year, our company continued to grow despite many challenges that often derail us. At times clients would fail to pay on time and this would see us fail to pay our offices’ rent. Despite the challenges we kept the faith and right now we believe we are in a position to compete with top tech companies. We have worked with Government of Kenya as well as acquiring Regional Clients. Our hard work was noticed when our FOunder and Ceo Was nominated as the Techpreneur of the Year. We are still working on building a top Tech company.